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LPG cylinders Quality Standard

EN 1442 ISO 4706 DOT 4BA 240 DOT 4BW 240

We are capable to manufactured cylinder by maintaining any standard cause of our main vision to export cylinders abroad and mitigate customer’s requirement.

Raw Materials of Standard Quality
JMI LPG cylinder maintain highest quality raw materials imported from Turkey, Japan and Korea are using in the production of JMI LP Gas cylinders to mitigate all the LPG safety aspects besides to eliminate all the risk factors.

Raw Materials Specification
• Cylinders Body
 JIS G 3116 SG 295 or Equivalent

• Guard Ring and Foot Ring
 DIN EN 10025-2 S235JR or Equivalent

The submerged arc welding technique is applied on the welding of body halves on the seam welding machine and generally on the welding of the valve boss to the upper cylinder half. The welding automats with reliable welding power packs and control units are utilized to achieve the uncompromising weld quality with degree of automation needed for the required production capacity per customer. The MIG/MAG welding technique is applied for the welding of foot rings and valve guard rings with the body halves. In order to relieve all the stresses caused by forming and welding operations.
The cylinders are passed through a heat treatment furnace where they are heated up to 930e c degrees of temperature for certain time before getting cooled gradually.
The hydrostatic testing of the heat treated LPG cylinders can be done on automated carousel type machines or on fixed station type machines to increase the internal pressure up to 35 bars for visual inspection as per requirements of the cylinder design specifications.

The LPG cylinder surfaces are shot blasted by the shot blasting machine in order to clean up the scales caused by the heat treatment operation to prepare the surface for the painting and / or zinc spraying. The double layer oven cured painting of the cylinders is achieved automatically by the robotic paint application system in the painting line as the cylinders are conveyed on an overhead conveyor system through the primary and final coat painting cabinets separated by flash off tunnels before they get cured in the canopy type modern paint curing oven. After the tare weighing and marking of the cylinders, the valves are attached by automatic torque controlled screwing machines and tested against any leakage at the valve region by the pneumatic leakage testing machine of the finishing line. One of the batch type quality control equipment called by the international standards is the burst expansion testing unit where the volumetric expansion ratio and the burst pressure is measured to the full satisfaction of even most stringent requirements.

Lab facilities
Cylinders are put through a series of test to conduct a series of physical and chemical qualities, tensile, Burst and X-ray tests at the factory's laboratories.

Why we are?
* Highly maintain Standards
* Our first Priority Safety
* Ensure safe and Quality full product to customer
* We are bound to keep our commitment
* We believed work, quality & commitment is our main strength
* That’s we are & Because of that JMI is the leading position in Bangladesh till now since 1999.

 Two (2) Deep drawing Machine- capable for any requirement
 Big Degreasing line – capable for any requirement,
 All Welding’s, welded by Lincoln Machine
 Big Heat treatment furnace
 Have shot blasting machine with huge capacity
 Have Fully automatic painting line
 Fully European technology and machineries
 World wide range lab equipment’s & Instruments using for Quality
 Have own valve & Bung manufacturing unit, which controlled by Turkish expert.